We truly are living in a sea of micro-organisms. A balance is on play between our immune system and these organisms. An overgrowth of certain Bacteria is an indication of a weakened state. Unfortunately, by weakening our vitality with poor diet and faulty digestion and absorption of toxins, we weaken our immune system. Much of the toxicity gets drained away through the lymphatic system. Unlike the blood system, which has the heart as a consistent built-in pump, the lymph system (like the veins) relies on the less consistently used skeletal muscle contractions to ‘squeeze’ the lymph along. Lack of exercise can greatly aggravate lymph overload.

Custom blended Essential Oils are applied to the body addressing specific physical and/or emotional conditions the client may have. The therapist uses light to medium pressure since many of the lymph vessels are close to the bodies surface.

The combination of Aromatherapy and the Lymphatic Drainage technique makes this a deeply relaxing experience.